Our Purpose

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the support they need to enjoy quality time and lead a healthy, happy life. 

Time is our most precious resource to connect. When founder Kristian Martinow got sick from overwork, he realised he needed to start being more accountable for his time. He founded The Timekeeper in 2016 to share his belief in the ‘preciousness of time’ after seeing the quality of his life change after embracing a holistic approach.



We believe the pace of the world is having an impact on us and it’s getting worse. We are more technologically connected than ever before, yet rates of loneliness and depression have doubled since the 1980’s. We rush through the daily commute, thrive on being ‘busy’ and forget to take breaks. This is taking a toll on our health and relationships.

  • 1 in 2 people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime
  • 3 in 5 people state the pace of the world is having an impact on their health 

Lack of support coupled with fear and stigma prevent many from accessing treatment they need to live healthy, productive lives. Globally, one person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide. People are looking for help. The top searched issues on Google are ‘how to manage’ stress, anxiety, anger and time.


To help people live in the present, discover their purpose and feel connected to the world to lead more empowered lives.



We believe mindfulness and conscious use of time can help reduce mental health challenges. We celebrate slowing down and remind people to build a foundation through having presence, purpose and genuine connections in their lives. Mindfulness, purpose and connection has been proven to strengthen self-esteem, reduce stress/anxiety, prevent depression, improve the quality of relationships and increase longevity.

The time to create a change is NOW.



We sell watches to start a conversation.
A reminder on your wrist everyday to say “the time is now”.
Or to give the gift of time to a loved one to say “I’ve got time for you”
Our message has encouraged people to open up, have long overdue conversations and inspired people to take action in their lives.

We donate 100% of profits to positive youth mental health programs
With every purchase made, we are improving access to programs and tools that help youth develop skills for managing time and mental health

We share people’s "Stories Of Time" to breakdown stigma and celebrate vulnerability
We believe there is a great story behind every person. We share people’s “Stories Of Time”; the suffering of their past, what they care about today and what they’re excited to create in the future.  With each story shared, we are helping people heal from their past, inspiring others to voice their struggles and encouraging people to support those around them.



We're inviting you to join us so that together we can write the future of The Timekeeper,
with the aim of impacting thousands of young people's lives.
There are several ways you can be involved:
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