Our Model

100% for purpose 100% for youth

Under standard 100% of profit models, expenses are deducted from revenue, and any profit left over is donated to social impact. Whilst there are merits to this model, we made a conscious decision to make our social impact and supporting our impact partners our first and foremost priority.

Before anything else, we donate $20 from every watch sale. From there, we pay our employees and operating costs which contributes to driving growth and thus the impact we can make. Once all the costs involved in making great products and building the brand are taken care of, every cent of our profits goes into funding the social impact projects run by our partners. How awesome is that!

At The Timekeeper we do not offer any sales of shares of our business and therefore we have no investors. This is awesome because it allows us to stay true to our 100% model but presents a challenge in that it limits our potential to grow fast. Whilst we welcome social investors to fund growth, The Timekeeper is not structured to be driven by equity financing, thus will only work for those truly 'social' investors. If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch.