Our Manufacturer


Located just thirty minutes outside of Shenzhen City, this watch factory is large in comparison to its surrounding competitors. Known for its skilled watch makers and specialised process, this production facility has been creating detail-rich watches in Shenzhen, China since 1998.


Understanding how a factory works is just as important to us as the final product. At this factory, the owner’s values resonated with us; Mr Zhou, a local man who wants to give back to the community. On our last visit to the factory, we enjoyed conversation over authentic southern Chinese food. Speaking to workers emphasised Mr Zhou's genuine nature; "Our owner is a very caring and trusting person who helps to promote employee’s benefits and support small enterprises when they experience difficulties.” 


Before working with the factory, we carried out an audit inspection to check factors like employee satisfaction and environmental standards. The factory did not disappoint: our team were pleased to find that in addition to a large and spacious working environment, the grounds were bright and cleaned daily. There are 150 employees with an average tenure of 8 years. Some employees have remained since inception highlighting employee satisfaction and the working conditions. Employees receive social welfare, performance bonuses and engage in a number of social activities throughout the year.


As the saying goes: It’s all in the details. Workers at our watch factory go through an exacting training process to master technical watch hand-crafting and machine operation skills. The factory has invested in best-process technology including CNC and NC machinery, and every watch goes through an extensive physical inspection and quality control.

"Made With Love"