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The Timekeeper is a for purpose business. When you purchase one of our products, 100% of the profits from every sale go to support the work of our impact partners. Through your support, we are able to fund education, health and wellbeing projects to support young people in need in reaching their potential and enjoying a healthy, happy life.


Youth Off The Streets is a community organisation offering a continuum of care to those aged 12 to 22 who are facing challenges of homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, neglect and abuse in NSW, Australia.

Youth Off The Streets’ programs focus on creating safety, supporting growth and opening up options for young people. One of the ways they do this is through the Street Walk Program which makes connections with young people experiencing homelessness in Sydney. The staff and volunteers help young people access the services they need including drug and alcohol treatment, counselling, accommodation, education and other Youth Off The Streets programs. In 2015/16, the Street Walk Program was run for 191 nights, contacting 1,200 young people, with 1,137 instances of blankets, clothes and food handed out and 297 young people referred or transported to other services.

Read more about Youth Off The Streets and their impact on the Youth Off The Streets website.

40K PLUS is a social enterprise working to deliver quality education to children living in restricted village environments in India and Cambodia through the innovative use of technology.

Currently, the PLUS program uses tablets to teach English to primary-aged government school children. Each Each PLUS Pod can teach up to 50 government primary school children attending an intensive 75 minute daily English class. The class is run by a local community member, typically a passionate local mother with 10th Grade education and only basic English. This PLUS Facilitator is not responsible for teaching, but for motivating and inspiring students to learn. This means that learning English is not restricted by the knowledge of the teacher, overcoming a key barrier in rural education. 40K PLUS have strong evaluation processes in place and have proven that the PLUS program results in 2.5 additional years of learning in literacy for 40K PLUS students when compared to a control group.

Read more about 40K PLUS and their impact on the 40K PLUS website.



*Adam [source: Youth Off the Streets]

“When I first met Youth Off The Streets I was 15. I was homeless and living a life that revolved around heroin, crime and the streets. They fed me when I was hungry and gave me a bed when I had nowhere to sleep.

I had spent my last three Christmases in a tunnel on my own; alone, cold and trying not to feel so isolated. During that time I knew if I did not make some big changes, I would die soon. The youth workers encouraged me and supported me; they never gave up on me. No matter what time of year it was, they were always there.

My drug habit was getting worse but I was given the support to go back to school and encouraged to attend drug and alcohol programs. I also saw a specialist counsellor who helped me to deal with my problems and express my feelings in a more positive way.

I was lucky to have Youth Off The Streets. They inspired me. They helped me to get clean and to get my HSC. Now I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of other young people so I have set myself a goal to study Youth Work.”

Amkiya, Akashy and Ajay [source: 40K PLUS]

“Education is very important in our family. I received very little education and was married to my husband at 17. Since then, I have dedicated my time to caring for my severely disabled daughter and the upkeep of our home of six. I take great pride in my work.

The only guarantee of a stable future for my sons is through education. It will earn them good jobs and respect in our village. For the present generation, children cannot survive and prosper without knowledge of the English language. Since attending PLUS Pods, our sons’ teachers at school speak of great improvements in their English skills. Akashy and Ajay have brought the English language into our home and they often translate messages for us. We are always smiling.

At the moment, both boys dream of becoming engineers which stems from their father’s job as a builder. PLUS Pods is helping them to achieve this. I will be supportive of my children’s dreams and goals, whatever they may be. Our boys work very hard to learn and my husband and I are very proud of them.”

- Amkiya is the mother of Akashy and Ajay, two boys who have been attending PLUS Pods in rural India for two years.