Our Story


Our founder, Kristian Martinow, took some time to explore, spending a year travelling, working and studying overseas. Seeing the world broadened his perspective and showed him a glimpse of the endless possibilities life had to offer. Kristian met young people of all types but no matter where he went, Kristian saw a common trait - a collective energy, drive, ambition and compassion.

Upon returning home, Kristian noticed that many young people were not enjoying their studies, unfulfilled in their jobs, chasing money not dreams and disengaged in their daily lives. There was one image from his time overseas that Kristian couldn't shake from his mind; the joyous smile of a young boy standing in front of his home in a slum: A boy who would never have the opportunity to explore the world. It startled Kristian, how a child living in poverty appeared more content than many of the fortunate young people back home. This led him to research issues affecting young people back home including anxiety, mental illness, depression, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. Kristian decided it was time to make a stand. 


The Timekeeper was born in 2016 in response to a need to inspire disengaged young people and simultaneously empower the disadvantaged in our global community. Seeing fashion as the ultimate form of daily expression, Kristian saw an opportunity to create a social fashion label which aims to bring expression and meaning into young people's lives. At The Timekeeper, we see the chance to create a better and more sustainable future by contributing to a world where brands have a social mission, products have a social conscience, consumers have a social choice, and social services have the funds they need to support the disadvantaged in our global community. Operating as a 100% for purpose business, all profits from the sale of our products go in to funding projects run by our partners, and together we make a positive impact of the lives of young people around the world.


Our goal at The Timekeeper is to help thousands of young people lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. A big goal...Yes. But we don't expect to achieve this alone. The Timekeeper will play its part in creating and advocating for positive change, but we believe the future is in the hands of every young person. We believe there is a community of young changemakers out there whom, if given the opportunity to discover their inner-purpose, can join the movement and create a better world.

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