“The gift of this watch represents compassion and empathy; core values which resonate strongly with me.”

For some people, what makes them feel loved is to receive a gift. This is a story of mutual love and selflessness from a teacher who gave a Timekeeper watch to her student. Susan McCowan, a St Phillip’s College teacher, runs the $20 Boss Program with her Year 11 students, enabling and equipping students to bring out their entrepreneurial skills. In November 2017, one of her students Chelsea won a Northern Territory award for the best operating business as part of the program. Chelsea’s idea was a wellbeing promotion and advocacy business called an ‘Anti-Vexed Text’. The text-based service provides subscribers with a daily SMS containing positive affirmations or stress-relieving strategies, with a view to reframe one's perception of the day ahead.  

Susan decided to give Chelsea one of our Timepieces as a symbol of appreciation.

“This watch means so much more than the physical object – to me, it represents my student’s selfless dedication to her social cause – to advocate and raise awareness of mental health among young people. And to her it will forever signify what an exceptional young person she is and to never give up on her cause.” - Susan

The timepiece inspires and encourages Chelsea to be present, positive and conscious.

“The watch now plays an important role in my day, acting as a constant reminder of the importance of time; to live in the present and share my positive outlook to create a better world, today.” - Chelsea

We are honoured by this gesture. At The Timekeeper we celebrate slowing down and remind people to build a foundation by having presence, purpose and authentic connections in their lives.

We appreciate change makers like Chelsea who are conscious and purpose-driven at a young age, and Susan, whose role as a mentor encourages mindfulness in these beautiful minds.

Their names are Susan and Chelsea, and they are Timekeepers.